What We’re Drinking: July 2020

Welcome back to What We’re Drinking, wherein The Growler editorial staff look back on recent remarkable beverages. What are you drinking, Growler Nation? Let us know on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.

Alvarez de Toledo Mencia Roble

John Garland, Deputy Editor


When I’m looking for a great cheap bottle of red wine, my first inclination is to scan the Spain and Portugal aisles of the wine store. Lately, I’ve become enamored with the Alvarez de Toledo Mencia Roble because South Lyndale Liquors has had it on special for $9.99 all quarantine long. It’s from the Spanish region of Bierzo, just north of Portugal, the only other country that grows the mencia grape. It tastes like pinot noir that’s been pumping iron—gutsy blackberry fruit with plum and oak and acids all over the finish, powerful and silky at the same time. For more cheap wine recommendations, check out my new column “Diamond Hunter” on our website. I’ll be sharing great $10 wine finds from all over town.

Argus Fermentables Ginger Perry

Brian Kaufenberg, Editor-in-Chief


Staying-at-home in Stillwater has meant a dearth in cider options. Most liquor store selections are limited to just a few widely available brands. But after searching around town, I stopped at Cellars and came across a new brand to our market, Argus Ciders out of Austin, Texas. I picked up a four-pack of Argus’ Ginger Perry, a cider made from 100% pears with no added sugars or back sweetening. Dry with aromas and flavors of fleshy pears and faint ginger, this perry is balanced by a pleasing acidity and round mouthfeel that are perfect for sitting on the back porch, breathing in the sweet scent of tall grass and wildflowers on a humid summer day.


2018 Domaine de Triennes Rosé

Lauren Sauer, Associate Editor


Admittedly it feels strange to kick back and enjoy myself in times as—eventful? Impactful? Stressful?—as these. But, despite existing in an overarching, unrelenting state of stress, I still take pleasure in the small things, like kicking back on the deck with a cool glass of rosé. This wine is a result of a partnership between two well-known names in Burgundy, Jacques Seysses and Aubert de Villaine of Domaine de la Romanée Conti, who came together to form this estate in southern France. With notes of strawberry and citrus, it’s refreshingly crisp and vibrant—and I’m not proud to know this, but it serves well in a thermos for walks around the neighborhood. In an ongoing global pandemic, the rules are there are no rules.

La Doña Ceverceria Doña Fría Mexican Lager

Zach McCormick, Social Media Coordinator


Mexican beer was my first macro love, and the affair was akin to a Montague scaling the garden wall to smooch a lime-infused Capulet. For those like me, Mexico’s crushable lagers became synonymous with summertime, and over the past few years, the “Mexican-Style” lager has been a no-brainer seasonal for Minnesota’s craft breweries. Hell, even Grain Belt made one. Conspicuously absent? Latin-inspired craft beer made by actual Latinos. Consider shifting some of those dollars to La Doña Cervecería, a brewery with an admirable mission to serve as a community hub for Latinos in and near North Minneapolis. The beer itself is truly delicious—a Vienna lager reminiscent of crisp, mildly malty Negra Modelo with a deeper flavor and a slightly sturdier hop bite.