What We’re Drinking: March 2020


Welcome back to What We’re Drinking, wherein The Growler editorial staff look back on recent remarkable beverages. What are you drinking, Growler Nation? Let us know on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.

Txopinondo Sagarnoa 

Brian Kaufenberg, Editor-in-Chief

Photo by Tj Turner

The Basque region is one of the most legendary when it comes to cider and though the naturally fermented style is most closely associated with Spain, it is also being produced northeast of the border in France’s Basque region at cideries like Txopinondo. Its Sagarnoa ( “apple wine”) has a honey sweetness on the nose, a fleshy starfruit and light musky minerality on the palate and just enough tannin to balance the sharp acid that tingles at the back of the throat on the finish.


Blacklist Artisan Ales Peach Hazy

John Garland, Deputy Editor

Photo by Tj Turner

I’m over winter. Tired of stouts and red wine. Sick of the flavorless, out-of-season fruit in the grocery store. And even though I won’t bite into a real peach until July or so, the Peach Hazy IPA from Blacklist is a fine compromise. It’s thick with fuzzy peach flavor and bitter hops, with the right amount of fruit sweetness for balance. And it tastes lighter on the tongue than most hazy IPAs, so I can crack a second tallboy as I relax and wait for the snow to


Montucky Cold Snacks

Tj Turner, Photo Editor

Photo by Tj Turner

When I’m traveling I like to find the local ….cheap? crushable? light beers. On a ski trip in Colorado recently I found Montucky Cold Snacks and discovered that it was distributed in Minnesota. It’s a light beer that’s not too sweet, but it’s crisp and super sessionable. It’s affordable, perfect for any season, and the company has a very specific mission of giving back, which I think is becoming more and more important. 


Brother Justus Single Malt Silver Whiskey

Zach McCormick, Social Media Coordinator

Photo by Tj Turner

I’ve been somewhat skeptical of “White Whiskey,” finding the stuff to be generally hot, grassy and lacking in complexity. But Brother Justus’ unaged single malt spirit is totally different and a real delight. Introducing itself with a pungent, funky nose that reminds me of cachaça, Silver Whiskey finishes with the smooth graces of a jenever or a reposado, minus the oak. Pair it with a gentler variety of vermouth and bitters for a subtle spin on the Manhattan