When Can We Get Bent (Brewstillery)?


Courtesy: Bent Brewstillery

The folks over at Bent Brewstillery (not to be confused with Bent Paddle Brewing, who yesterday announced limited Twin Cities distribution) posted several answers to a few big questions that fans have been asking.
The biggest question, of course: When will we be able to buy Bent beer and spirits? The response: Early to mid-November for beer and early 2014 for their line of craft distillates. Bent says they are currently in discussion with a wholesaler to get their beer — which is already finished — on shelves as soon as possible. Although they did not specify which beer styles would hit the shelves first, we can assume Bent Distillery will start selling their Dark Fatha (American Emperial Stout) and Nordic Blonde (Amber Blonde Ale) first, with an unnamed IPA with additional barrel-aged beers to follow. Also in the works from Bent: a tap/tasting room, growler  sales, and “Brewstillery” tours.
For more answers, see the original post from Bent Brewstillery.


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