Why I Love Hops

Rubbing hops to release aromas

Rubbing hops to release aromas

Here is a current list of Fitger’s Brewhouse beers with my favorite hops and their aromas…

•             Amarillo: floral, tropical, citrus notes (Starfire Pale Ale)

•             Citra: melon, lime, lychee notes (Superior Trail IPA)

•             El Dorado: tropical fruit, guava (Winter Surf IPA)

•             Mosiac: blueberry, cherry (Hoppelujah IPA)

•             Sorachi Ace: lemon, spice (Summer Lightning)

•             Nelson Sauvin: white wine, gooseberry (Minnesota Nice)

•             Aztecca: clementine, tangerine (Bridged IPA)

•             Saphir: floral, spicy, berry (Park Point Pils)

•             Cascade: grapefruit, citrus (El Niño Double Hopped IPA)

•             Simcoe: pine, grassy, lemony (Duluth Pale Ale)

I’d like to share a few closing thoughts about hops. It’s a wonderful time to be a brewer. Fifteen years ago, I could not get the aromas and flavors from hops that I can today. The growers are interested in working with the craft beer segment and have heard our pleas for more oils in hops. This has led to a never before seen partnership between hop growers and brewers. New varieties are being grown every year and, as brewers, we have been given great access to the fields, techniques, and processes the growers use. Hop Farmers Rule!

Interested in the best beer I enjoyed on the trip to the Washington hop harvest? It was Bale Breaker Brewery Field 41 Pale Ale. This new brewery is in the middle of a hop field on the B.T. Loftus Ranches farm and run by the hop grower’s children. Great beer, great people. Get there soon.

Fitger's Brewhouse owner Tim Nelson, head brewer Frank Kaszuba, and Brewer Supply Group's Chris German prepare to begin hop selection

Fitger’s Brewhouse owner Tim Nelson, head brewer Frank Kaszuba, and Brewer Supply Group’s Chris German prepare to begin hop selection

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