Your Guide to Sunday Growler Sales in Minneapolis

The Freehouse in Minneapolis will be selling growlers on Sundays from 8am-10pm

The Freehouse in Minneapolis will be selling growlers on Sundays from 8am-10pm // Photo by Brian Kaufenberg

Following passage at the state level and subsequent approval by the Minneapolis City Council, Sunday growler sales will be legal in Minneapolis starting this Sunday, June 14.

Below is a listing of Minneapolis breweries and brewpubs that will be selling growlers on Sundays and their hours.

In terms of special offers to mark the occasion on the 14th, Day Block Brewing CompanyNorthGate Brewing, and Fair State Brewing Cooperative will be filling select growlers for $10.

While Sunday growler sales are now legal in Minneapolis, not every brewery is ready to take advantage of the new law. Dangerous Man Brewing Company is the sole Minneapolis brewery that will not be open on Sundays for growler sales. Creative Director Sarah Bonvallet said that while they’re excited about the law change, they’re concentrating on an ongoing expansion and are choosing to remain closed on Sundays for the time being.

Dangerous Man is in the midst of building out the 1,600-square-foot space to the north of their taproom, two-thirds of which will be dedicated to adding additional fermenters to increase their capacity and a grain mill, while the front one-third will be the Dangerous Man Growler Shop, which will be dedicated to growler and merchandise sales. Come fall when the expansion is complete, both the shop and taproom will be open on Sundays for growlers and pints, respectively. Bonvallet said they want to provide their customers with the best-possible growler experience and instead of doing it halfway between now and this fall, they’re opting to wait until they can “do it 100% right.”

56 Brewing Company, which opened in Northeast Minneapolis this spring, has devised a unique way to get its growlers into the hands of its fans on Sundays: bike delivery. Here’s how it works: 56’s online shop accepts growler and mini-growler orders Monday–Saturday, then on Sundays, between noon and 4pm, a volunteer delivers that week’s orders by bike (people can choose a delivery window within those hours as part of the ordering process). Deliveries are limited to the 55417 and 55418 zip codes and there’s a $5 delivery fee and $5 deposit on the growlers themselves included in each order (since exchanges aren’t possible). The brewery itself will continue to be closed on Sundays.

Minneapolis Sunday Growler Sales Hours and Locations

56 Brewing CompanyGrowlers delivered by bike from 12-4pm, brewery closed

612Brew – 11:30am-9pm

Bauhaus Brew Labs – 12-4pm (open for growler sales only, taproom closed)

Boom Island Brewing Company – 1-6pm

Day Block Brewing Company – 10am-10pm (brewery open until 11pm)

Eastlake Craft Brewery – 11am-10pm

Fair State Brewing Cooperative – 10am-9pm

The Freehouse – 8am-10pm (restaurant open 6:30am-2am)

Fulton Brewing Company – 12-6pm

Harriet Brewing – 2-9pm

Indeed Brewing Company – 12-8pm

Insight Brewing Company – 12-10pm (brewery open until 11pm)

LynLake Brewery – 12-10pm

Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery – 11am-10pm (restaurant open until 12am)

Northbound Smokehouse and Brewpub – 10am-10pm (restaurant open until 1am)

NorthGate Brewing – 12-8pm

Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery – 11am-10pm (restaurant open until 1am)

Sisyphus Brewing – 12-5pm (mini-growlers and crowlers)

Sociable Cider Werks – 12-9pm (growlers and crowlers)


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